About Us

Action Precision Machining manufactures precision tungsten carbide tooling of the highest quality.

Family owned and operated since its founding in 1974, Action Precision Machining strives to exceed customer expectations in every aspect of business. Our superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, lead-time and availability to customers separate us from competitors in the manufacturing industry.

In addition to custom carbide tooling, Action Precision Machining manufactures both solid and brazed carbide boring bars and single point thread milling cutters. We distinguish ourselves by offering lines of miniature, standard, extra-length and stub-length precision carbide boring bars.

Action Precision Machining employs a skilled work force, which manufactures custom carbide tooling to the exact specifications of customer prints, within a tolerance of 0.0002". Our custom carbide tooling capabilities include, but are not limited to counterbores, step-reamers, step-drills, specialty boring bars, recess tools, trepan and grooving tools. Customers can count on an unbeatable combination of precision quality and outstanding delivery.